Enplan Group had been involved in a wide range of projects in the irrigation and drainage
sector and has extensive experience in typically arid, semi arid and wet areas.

In Nigeria, due to the diversity of land forms and practices the firm has been involved in
projects which have stark variations in climate, soils, culture and type of land tenancy.

The firm had been involved in the detailed design and construction supervision of canal and
drainage systems for a large variety of soils requiring different supply systems from unlined
canals through clay linings, concrete linings to piped systems and precast forms. Also various
manual and automated control structures or canal network have been designed to suit different
requirements in order to facilitate efficient distribution and management irrigation water.

At Enplan Group, Irrigation and Drainage is viewed as a multi- disciplinary project.
Consequently, Enplan Group has integrated Community Awareness and Community
Participation into our irrigation and drainage projects. It is our belief that sustainable
development can only be attained when the communities are involved. Most projects we have
carried out using this approach have been successful.


Enplan Group has been involved in River Basin Developments since its inception. River Basin
Development has been treated in a holistic way and involved Integrated Water Resources
Management (IWRM). Development projects usually cover many fields including irrigation,
agriculture, hydrology, socio-economy, water resources, rural development, infrastructure,
road & transportation, dams, water supply, agronomy, soils, livestock, fisheries, forestry and
post-harvest including storage, transportation and marketing.


The firm provides a comprehensive consultancy service in all aspects of water supply both for
the urban and rural sectors. The firm has gained experience and developed expertise in
sanitation and public health engineering including the distribution of potable water both for
urban and rural communities, institutional development, economic, optimization and
management studies of water supply systems.

The Firm has been involved in the investigation, survey, planning and engineering designs of a
number of water supply and sewerage schemes.

The scope of works carried out have Included:


The firm’s experience in agricultural development has included irrigated agriculture
involving the design of gravity canals, piped irrigation systems (sprinklers, drip etc)
and flumes (elevated pre-cast canals), etc. Major projects have often necessitated
the study and improvement of the agricultural practice within a particular project area.

The agricultural investigations have included detailed studies, survey and sampling
of the ecology, agricultural production, identification of crop varieties, yields,
production rates, cost of production and income and proposing methods of improving
the agricultural output for the different areas encountered.


The firm has been involved in dam projects since 1970. The first major dam project
undertaken by Enplan Group is the Kiri Dam at Numan, Gongola State for the
Savannah Sugar Company.

The firm had been responsible for major schemes and a vast number of projects
involving all kinds of dams. Typical of the firm’s experience is the feasibility studies,
detailed design, and contract documentation and construction supervision for 38
small earth dams within Katsina State in Nigeria.

Enplan Group was involved in the redesign of the 3.68 km dam at Jibiya under Jibiya
Irrigation cum Water Supply Project for the Federal Government of Nigeria. The dam
which was the first of its kind in Africa was redesigned incorporating a geo-dam
(which comprises geo-membrane composites) on the upstream slope and geo-
textiles material on the downstream to provide protection to the aeolic sand
embankment. The firm has also been involved in dam safety appraisals covering
major and small dams all over Nigeria, also in the alleviation of potential dam failure.


The primary objectives for these kind of assignments are to identify and study the
flood Processes, within the identified area, and to, assess, recommend and design
control measures to alleviate the flooding problems.

The firm had been involved in major land reclamation and flood alleviation schemes
within Nigeria and has gained a lot of expertise in the design of reclamation work


The firm's involvement in water resources projects and studies has made it one of
the most experienced Consulting firms in Nigeria particularly in the study and design
of hydraulic problems and hydraulic structures respectively.

The firm’s experience in hydraulics includes the design of river control and diversion
works, river morphology, urban drainage, coastal and erosion control works, flood
alleviation, dams, weirs and channelisation development.


The firm has a library of computer programs for the processing of hydrological data
for water, resource development planning. The firms Hydrologists make extensive
use of computer programmes including statistical tests for data reliability, frequency
analysis, trend tests, persistence, risk analysis, synthesis of stream flow, rainfall and
evaporation data, planning and modeling of water resources systems, filling in of
missing data and analytical and planning techniques, with results expressed in both
physical and economic terms.


Enplan Group has been involved in many groundwater development projects. The
Firm has helped in advancing groundwater development, modern techniques and
practice especially in the Northern Arid Zone of Nigeria.

The group has been involved in:

Enplan Group is a firm of Nigerian indigenous Consultants established in 1970 with a professional practice
embracing the full range of activities in Water Resources, Water Supply, Irrigation, Environmental Assessment and
Studies, Economics and Project Management, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Highway Engineering, Transportation,
Buildings and Planning

The firm is organised in ten main divisions, which have various departments under them.

They include:

With its Head Office in Lagos, Enplan Group has a fully established and operational Regional Headquarters in
Abuja, Zonal Headquarters in Katsina and Enugu, maintains liaison offices at Kano and Port Harcourt.  Enplan
Group also has project site offices in various places all over the country including Maiduguri, Yola and Benin.


AIM: To create a widely based Nigerian Organisation, embracing persons of different background as an employee
owner firm, in the strong belief that Nigerians of different backgrounds could work together in partnership, they
could learn to accommodate each other to live in unity.

SERVICE: To provide excellent Engineering service at standards acceptable world wide.

TECHNOLOGY: To develop good engineering tradition and technology indigenous to his country. The greatness of
Nigeria would never depend on public relations and her administrators, managers, diplomats, etc. alone but also
and most especially on the ability of her indigenes to develop her technology and engineering to benefit the people
of Nigeria whilst preserving our environment and ecological systems. It is in this that Nigerian can earn the respect
she deserves.

Review of Public Irrigation Sector In Nigeria

Enplan Group carried out the Review of the Public Irrigation Sector in Nigeria for the Federal Government of Nigeria
represented by the Federal Ministry of Water Resources and for and on behalf of the Food and Agriculture
Organization of the United Nations. A status report was prepared at the end of the review.

This Status Report of the public irrigation sector in Nigeria was carried out to comprehensively assess the status of
selected public irrigation sector schemes covering the whole of Nigeria. The output of the status report assisted the
FAO in making the guidelines and strategy for the preparation of the National Irrigation Policy and Strategy

Some state schemes, private schemes as well as some Fadama (low lying flood plains) schemes were also reviewed
taking into consideration the fact that an irrigation and drainage policy will affect these schemes as well.

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Findings of the ROPISIN where used to develop the draft Irrigation and Drainage Policy which can be viewed on

Accelerated Rice Production

Enplan Group is currently carrying out studies to determine means of improving, modernizing and accelerating rice
production in Nigeria. This study is under the Presidential Initiative for Accelerated Rice Production and is being
carried out with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

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A workshop on Accelerated Rice in the Niger Valley Basin Tada Shonga as a case study would be held on 20th to
23rd November 2006, the objective of the workshop would be on public-private partnership in irrigation development
and management. For more details on the workshop please visit http//enplan.org/PPP_in_irrigation.html and to see
the draft policy on PPP in Irrigation Development please see